My Journey Towards

Aisha Leathers

I wanted to create something new for the cold weather. So that everyone could enjoy the rough cold air and also boast off of their leather belongings. I wanted to make everything unique .As everyone deserves to look and feel different. Everyone has a right to be happy and wearing stylish fashionable clothes or something exciting makes you feel happy and that gives you a boost to go on living a perfect life.


So, I decided to launch a new company to make my dreams come true and I had to start from scratch. I wanted staff whom I could trust. I started with two workers .They were very co operative and they worked day and night to get everything done for me to start a new company.

Now we have about hundred people working day and night under one roof to provide you with the best leather products as shown in the selected photos.Your interest, budget and your satisfaction has and will always be our first priority.We try our level best to work on every minute details.

I hope you will visit my site and leave a review, rate our products and let us know if there is anything else that we can add to our collection.Or if one of your favorite products needs some more specifications added in order to be more comfortable to you. I would also wish all you bloggers out there to share your blogs and your experiences on my site.




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